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A cool idea, but being able to keep your character on life support... by watching ads, of all things... really takes away from this game.

JmPrsh153 responds:

Watching ads and/or tokens aren't forced or on the web version, they are just my way to ask for support from player if they wish to do so, otherwise i wouldn't be able to support it for as long as i'd hoped due to financial issues.

Any feedback to improve the game though i'm all ears!

I want this to be good but
a) the character handling needs to be improved
b) the way the monsters fall down from the ceiling feels really cheap
c) the attack range is too short


Dan-Ott responds:

Thanks for your review, yeah the controls are definitley weird to handle - we tried to stick to the 6 button limition of Pico-8 and ended up in things being chopy. But we started working on a new version of the game and will improve with your advice in mind :)

I enjoyed this fun game.

The most important quality in a look-and-find game like this is variety, and this game is a bit lacking in it.

Cool idea! The difficulty ramps up too slowly though

Cool that you're making games, but it's not really a game yet! You can't win or lose.

Hey guys, good game!
1) You should introduce enemies earlier
2) The menu is very slick, definitely one of the best parts of the game!
3) Why do I die when I fall into a pit of mist? It looks like treasure to me
4) The character is way too small! Even when I zoom the screen in, he is tiny.

When I plugged my gamepad in, the character started walking right, and wouldn't stop even if he died or I unplugged my gamepad!

Good luck

DarkenSoft responds:

Thank you for the feedback!

What kind of gamepad do you use?

First off good stuff making games! It's confusing, why does the coffee kill you? And the voices overlap. Keep at it!

CzySzy responds:

I had no idea how to make the dialogues stop so I guess you gotta wait till the voice clips end. Also, those are evil cups. haha. It's said in the dialogue. I know, cheesy but that's the point. xD

The game is definitely totally stupid - no one is debating that. Narration was great though.

TheMillz responds:

Please, no autographs

Really nice artwork. The puzzles are quite inventive and fun to solve. Also, a great length for a game.


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